Just Feel Like Talking

Most of the time, I don't feel the need to talk or vent or share. I like being self-contained, independent, and private. I like living life in my head. I like keeping my secrets. But I don't know...I want to talk, and I want to listen. I think I'd like to be that one person in the world that is always there for someone else. I think that's beautiful. Writing this, I keep thinking "what would catch my eye?", "what words would make my heart beat just a little bit faster?" Because I think that's what I want, I want someone to ******* intrigue me.

I don't really know what I'm looking for. I don't know if I'll find it, or if it will find me. I just know, statistically, there has to be one person out there as bored with the people around them as I am.
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i can't believe that with this fast paced world i have to wait for a response to my inquiry...what's the problem ajax288?

stop it all you *******. Just stop it!!! You are worth something. You are valuable. Just stop ******* venting on line and go out into the big word and make a life. No suicide. No drama. i Know that life sucks. That the guy that you want doesn't want you. so youre fat and you have felt ugly youre whole life. it doesnt matter because someone does care about you. Just dry your tears, curl up in your bed and tomrrow will be a new, better day.


the problem with that is at sometime its gonna come out, I have this great thing of holding it inside and then all of a sudden

I just want someone to talk to who will listen and tell me the truth, I have a great life but u feel bored! X

me too, so here I am, I didn't know these websites existed,

Hi,I'm pretty self contained,independent,and doesn't share much,just like you. But as I'm sitting here,alone,contempleting why I'm so self conscious and why my self-esteem has been so low lately,it occurred to me that I never really talk to someone.I'm a very lonely person,I keep my friends,not distant but not close. Genrally I'm alone,nearly always left to my own thoughts. I love listening,but it seems nobody listens to me,and like you I'd like to aspire to be that person. I'm not looking to hear sob storys about someones life,just to listen to someone eleses life,no matter how boring it may seem I just want to see the world from someone eleses perspective. Because I've been seeing through mine far too much.

Your profile is blocked...otherwise I would message you. Message me?

I really like help but I don't know how as I'm in the same position):