I Don't Want To Leave My House.

I got an ultra sound done on Friday Jan 18th. I pee too much, I have no clue what's wrong. I'm not pregnant, I don't have a bladder/ yeast infection. I got a pap test, I don't have stds, I'm not diabetic. I don't have cysts on my ovaries.I know all this because I've been checked like over and over again. I've went to the hospital about 4-5 times now within the last 6 months I've also been to my own family doctor and clinics & even a urologist. To be 100% honest I believe I started to urinate more when I switched to a different kind of birth control. Originally I was taking Yaz, just regular BCP pills. & Then I ended up switching to depo privera (the needle) I've never missed a needle. I mainly noticed it because I started waking up to pee & I never wake up to pee at night time I usually have to go when I wake up in the morning. So since I've been checked for like every single possibilty now, they finally did an ultra sound it was on my kidneys and my bladder. I'm scared shitless because I assume that a technician knows if something is wrong inside of you. So I had to drink 4 glasses of water an hour before I went in and I wasn't allowed to urinate until halfway through the ultra sound. So that was pretty hard with her pressing on my bladder almost the entire time. I finally got to go pee, I had brought my mother with me. & When I got back from the bathroom they like filled me in on what they were talking about. The technician was saying how I should take it into consideration that I might have to see a specialist on a regular basis and then she reccomended a few urologists. :/ So I'm pretty bummed and worried about what's going on. I do get a lot of pains in my ribs like near my kidneys or maybe even my kidneys. & where she did the ultra sound was only on my lower stomach and right around my ribs. I hope nothing is wrong but from her saying that I'm all freaked out and pissed off. I know she isn't able to say what's wrong an actual doctor has the final say but she must have some sort of clue what's wrong ? & I know she didn't say anything was wrong but she like insinuated it. Should I be worried? She shouldn't be able to get people all freaked out like that. That's not fair, I hope it doesn't happen to everyone else.
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well i hope it's all just nothing...i always wake up to pee....i just drink a lot of water I guess