Im Yelling But No One Can Hear Me.

I was once told that the people you think are the strongest, are hiding all there feelings inside of them. I found that so true because that me.
Why do I hide my tears from my family ?, Why don't I share my feeling with my family, because i've know for a long that they don't care. Their life is so much more important than mine. I know many teens say this, but I really mean this. Everytime I try to reach out to them, I get shot down. They hear what they want to hear and not what I'm say. I'm done trying to explain myself to them.
expressyourself11 expressyourself11
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 23, 2013

I am so sorry you get shot down. You need to know that you are valuable and precious. Whatever happens never let others take your inner strength away. I have read some of your posts and you are a lovely person. Walk tall, you are a great person!