Alone At Home

My and My Girlfriend are taking a brake from our relationship. i did not know how much i miss her. the apartment is just so big and empty. i just want to have someone i can talk to, i miss being able to just roll over and cuddle when i was unable to sleep. we plan on getting back together but we want to restart our relationship so we can put the bad times behind us. i resently went to the hospital because the pills my doctor gave me for my depression made me try and kill myself. I am no longer taking the pills and i feel like my old self again but i did and said some terrible things to her. I do truly love her with all my heart and i know this will take time for her to be able to trust me again and see me as someone to love and not fear but i'm having trubble living on my own. she has moved in with some friends and i'm happy she is able to unwind and destress i just need someone i can hug and will tell me everything will be ok.
Mukumioke Mukumioke
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 6, 2013

Life is hard isn't it. I'm sorry for your pain And you're suffering. I know depression is not a fun thing to go through. Just take things day by day. I don't know what you did to your girlfriend but maybe if you just let her know that you need her right now she'll come back. If that's not something she can do can I suggest that you keep yourself busy. Start a project ,paint, draw, write idk just do something. Maybe get a pet. Just trying to be happy. Try to laugh. I hope this helps you. Lastly my friend, I want to tell you everything will be okay. I truly believe in my heart that everything will be okay.