Ever feel really lonely? Like you're the only person you can talk to (or trust maybe) When, even though you have friends, they feel really distant from you and you can't connect with them well? You talk about weird, superficial things with them, but when it comes to the times where you need someone to talk to about more serious things, about your life and problems, you can't turn to them.
Lenna143 Lenna143
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3 Responses Aug 23, 2014

All the time, but it's times like this you should turn to family friends come and oh but family us always there

You're right :) but sometimes I just don't feel comfortable talking to my family about things

Yeah I do. That's how I ended up here. Online people don't judge, and I've found that I enjoy helping people talk things out more than I do talking about whatever's going on with me.

Yep.... happens all the time