Should I Be Worried? Or Am I Upset For Nothing?

OK.... I don't have anyone to talk to about this. Just a few weeks ago my girl friend of 6 years has been secretively been talking to another man. She waits for me to go to bed and she'll call him at the early hours of the morning. 2 am or so. I caught her one night and she tried to play it off. I asked her what was going on but she denise everything. but admitted that she had been talking to another man. nothing else was said. She had been keeping her phone tight to her also which made me suspicious of something. I never do this but I checked her cell phone txt messages. They text and talk alot. There were a few text messages that concerned me. A few of them were as is ( I miss you ), ( I wished we lived closer ) and ( I miss holding you ). Now she says that they used to work together also. These txt's were from my girlfriend to the man she been talking to. She says that nothing is going on between them. but I just don't feel that way about it. Its just really buggin me really bad. So bad that I even dream about us fighting and her leaving me. Am I just worrying for nothing or am I just insecure about this?

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I'm in the same thing. My husband is texting another woman and talking on the phone to her on his way to work and back. He says its nothing going on but still texting her just to talk. He says he loves me and will do anything to keep our marriage of 26 years but it make me think that i'm not enough for him. So I know how you feel, but i'm not ready to give him up. I just don't want to throw 26 year out the door without a fight.

Thank you everyone for your comments. I just spoke with her this evening to let her know exactly on how I'm feeling about this person she is talking to.. She says that they're only friends..... And its a good thing that this guy does not live close by. I would hate to be hime if he would to show up at my front door step. the way that this guy talks to her is not what i like at all. he is very sexual towards her as if she is single. she says that she regrets hiding this from me. i don't care who she talks to. I'm not the kind that is going to control someone. but when it comes to this its insulting, disrespectful and it just hurts. i told her this evening that if she is falling for him that it needs to come out onto the table and just get it out. I'm not willing to just say ok no problem whatever. I will not stick around for very much longer if this doesn't come clean. I want to make things work out because of the amount of time we been together. but..... I don't know. I just need this f*** stick to know that she is with someone and needs to be respectful and if this doesn't stop we are done. thanks again for all your feedback. :)

"I miss holding you"? Sounds like something going on to me. You don't tell someone you miss holding them if nothing is going on. Talk to her, get it out in the open. She needs to be honest with you before it escalates into something deeper. Maybe it's just an infatuation. It;s nice to get attention from someone else, but if you are a couple, she should not deceive you.

Honey she is txting, I miss you and I want to hold you? Sweetie if she hasnt physically cheated yet she has emotionally . Its up to you if you want to be with someone so dishonest

If I were in your situation, I would be worried too. If "nothing" is going on, then why is it a secret? I am so sorry LonelyGuy, I really am.