Millions Of People No One To Talk To

how crazy is it in this world of internet connections , i-phones, twitters,blogs, etc, that you can't find a person to just call and talk to about how your feeling, or some non emergency issues? sometimes a random person just talking for a lttle while might help you get perspective on whats happening in your,or my own life, but the net is clogged with scams, perverts, bs ,whatever, it just seems crazy.

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Wow well even writing on here shows me how truly pathetic my life is..... Anyway here we go. Im 25 and have just had a child 2 weeks ago. He still hasn't come home from the hospital yet because my girlfriend was a drug addict and is now prescribed some pill called Subutex ( which she assured me wouldn't cause any problems with the baby, and now I completely resent and hate her because he is now being treated for withdraw) I honestly can not stand this women and the only reason I'm still around is because I know Im the only chance this child has at becoming someone on life because his mother is far, far, far from anything I or anybody else would want to have as a role model. Ive lost all contact with my "friends" over the past 9 months and honestly the only thing I actually enjoy is getting up at 6am and going to work ( I know, sad right?) I just dont know what to do anymore. Should I try to stick it out or leave and have an ongoing custody battle for the next 18 years or the last ditch option and just up and leave to another state far away for a fresh start? I suppose I could try and prove she is not a fit mother and take him with me, but then what would I do with babysitters etc. My skill set pretty much guarantees me a job anywhere on the planet yet I feel like I'm doomed to be here for the restof my life. Maybe a bullet would just be easier than all of it, but then again Ive never been a quitter and that seems like the easy way out. All of these ideas go through my head on a daily basis and I have absolutely nobody to turn to to get advice, an opinion, hell even just another human being listening would be nice. I often fantasize how wonderful life would be if I just moved some where south on a beach and started a new life. The people I would meet, where I would live, the perfect family and a wife that I could trust all sound sooooo grand, but at the same time I love my newborn son more than anything else on the planet and my girlfriend, but she has broken my trust so many times that I dont think it could ever be replaced. Well basically thats whats been really bothering me lately and if you've read this far then I want you to know how thankful I am that atleast 1 random person somewhere on earth knows exactly how I feel. Any opinions or input would be great also. Thanks for reading

hi, i feel really lonely and vunerable at the moment, there isn't anything real bad going on in my life, i have a great lfe but i just feel is if nobody really cares how i feel

Hi all,

I read all of your comments. It is for this exact reason that we have created a new website The world is a crazy place, busy, and so detached that the close friendships once developed seem to get lost in this world and it is hard for people to connect and feel fulfilled! Myself included.

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Ok, thanks for listening. Hope to talk to you all later.
Ciao for now.

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Ciao ciao.

To my generation it is even more lonely when suddenly we find ourselves alone. We didn't grow up with computers and mobile phones, so alot of older people still don't use them. The young have more energy to get out and talk to people alot of older people are not able to be that mobile. Nor are people that interested in meeting us. So even though we are from different generations, we have the same problem. Shame like you said millions of people no one to talk too.

I actually created an account on this site for this very reason. 7 billion people on this planet of which over 34% or 2.4 billion people use the internet but on a day to day basis I usually can't get through to one person. What gives? At least there is this site which allows us to fire and forget or not. Perhaps meaningful conversation will erupt :n)

I know exactly how you feel. I never really thought of it that way. Its actually quite funny and stupid that there is no one to talk to. How about talking to yourself or you can talk to me - lol - but seriously if you are going to talk to yourself, just dont answer back. You will be ok.

tru that..

I completely agree! All of us should be communicating in person but we've all become quote unquote 'socially awkward'. When I was little my mom told me to "just say hi" but...what the hell comes after that? People are way too judgmental of other people's appearance and personality. So with that being said...let's all just keep being patient and just keep being ourselves and if someone doesn't like it well, to each their own :P

Unfortunately society is being driven to a point of hyperconnectivity that actually leaves us all in the dark. There is a facade that everyone is connected and doing just fine, but the reality is quite the opposite. People are hurting and wondering why they don't have the same experiences of other people they see, but keep in mind your not the only one thinking that way. There may be someone viewing you from a distance during one of those "emergency" conversations and be thinking to themself, "wow, i just wish i had someone to talk to like they did" <br />
Facebook, twitter, etc. gives us the impression of connectivity but it is isolating us from each other. There is no longer a need to reach out to others or start a conversation; instead, we would rather hide behind websites to get our voice heard (I must admit, I'm doing that right now). These outlets have turned into stifling walls pulling us farther and farther apart when we were all meant to be in community with those around us. I have found that the only hope I have is Jesus & I encourage anyone who is confused and frustrated with this world and the isolation it tries to sell us seek after Him.

That's so true, the only people who visit me are from the church and I am so grateful this year that they come. I spent my life taking care of ww2 veterans, elderly alone, unwanted children, and my own mom. The children grew up, all the rest are gone now I just turned 60 and I spent my hoilidays alone. Faith in a higher being helped me so much. I wasn't even sad at being alone!

you and I are and i feel like a bunch of people are in the same position, but there aren't too many outlets out here to just find someone to talk to you. not forever just for a little. maybe it could be forever, if you kind of understand what i am talking about. lol. but i hope we find someone, soon.

that is so true

i wish i had somebody just to chat with every once in a while

So true i feel the same way :(

So true i feel the same way :(

i totally agree too! sometimes i just want to talk! but no one wants to listen... some friends huh...

I totally agree. :D