Love Is Blind

I dont even know wear to begin. Well i fell in love with this girl in middle school she was perfect everything about her was amazing

she had the personality the laugh the humor and the  most beautiful smile and most of all she was kind hearted or so i thought.

We eventually became friends and grew into best friends. At the time she was dating this guy named kyle who was my enemy

since elementry. She would talk behind his back and would tell me she was dating him as a joke. their relationship ended after two

years of dating. Ever since i met her i wanted to tell her i loved and cared about her more then anything in the world. I finally got the

nerves up to ask her out. She said yes. I remember that night like no other i ran back and fourth in my house screaming in joy lol. after

2 weeks into dating i pretty much told everyone i was dating her. So a week later I get this call and its from a guy that i told about the relationship

to. He says to me Hey your girlfriend completly denied you two were dating. I faced her about it and she denied everything. So i let it go.

Long story short she cheated on me. She lied all the time. people came to me left and right saying stuff about her. I also found out

 she was snorting pills with my best friend. She ALWAYS denied that we were dating except to the people she new i hunged out with. She has fake

accounts of  these guys she atleast has 4 fake accounts and would have conversations with them and would even say she daited one of them.

so i faked an account and asked her if ahe was single She said SINGLE AS IT GETS. My heart was crushed and this was three years into our 

relationship. I faced her and she said she knew it was me. I cant tell you how many times i left her and came back. I felt like such a fool

and weak. It wasnt because i was afraid of being alone. She was my first love .  I hated who i became when i was with her always constant

sleeples nights. One day i went on her youtube to see this comment some guy left her that someone told me about. There was alot of them

from this guy. The comments he left said Stuff like I LOVE YOU<3   OR your sexy.  She would write back little hearts.  I faced her and she said he

was just a friend. So i talked to the guy and he told me that they would be dating right now if they didnt live so far away and that she told him

he was the first guy shes ever loved. I left her. After 3 years of dating she never kissed me or anything. Almost 3 months since the break up

and i still cant get her out of my mind. I loved her i wanted to spend my life with her. She already moved on and is know dating some guy.

I always thought i knew her well anough to know she wouldnt hurt me.  I wish i could take a pill that would make me forget her and all the pain

and misery she has given me. She would always try to blame me for everything and i would be the one saying sorry. Everyone always says

you learn something from every relationship and what ive learned is that love can be blind.....

hagd5t hagd5t
26-30, M
Mar 29, 2010