Who are The Real Terrorists?

who wiped out the millions of aztics , mayans and incas? was it the muslims?
who wiped out the native Australian ?was it the muslims?
who wiped out the Indians in america ? was it the muslims
who enslaved and  dragged the Africans from their homeland and let the die half way and tossed them into the Atlantic oceaons?was it the muslims 
who started the WW1 and WW2 ?was it the muslims 
who dropped the atomic bomb to Hiroshima and Nagasaki  ?was it the muslims?

can you just sum up the number of those who died in all of the above ???? who killed them?

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It's the power of media that the tyrants use to get out alive. In Second World War allies killed more people with one bomb than Germans combined but still they r the good guys cause they won. History is a biased mother who favours the winners and it is infact written by the winners

the Government