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I'm italian, and I know that islam and terrorism have nothing to do with each other. Ji-haad is not islam. Mexico isn't drugs. Italians aren't mafia. The real problem is us, humans. We discriminate against each other. Did you know that the founding fathers weren't religious?That they didn't want a european president becausem he might be religious? Nowadays religion seems to run the show. OK, we have a black president - techinically a mulatto prresident. Few peopleknow that jaqueline kennedy was PART BLACK and ALL RACIST...her father was called black jack because of his part black ethnicity. Jaqueline admitted to being part jewish, never black...I'm a lesbian. I used to live in rome, italy, the home of the vatican, the pope and homophobia. I moved to new york city at 18. There's less homophobia here, still, I got beat-up, along with my woman, in mid-town manhattan because of my sexual orientation. This country - I can't account for other countries...Ilive here - this country is islamophobic. Also racist, homophobic, mysoginist...let's face it...we don't like people who aren't like us...and that's sad...
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1 Response Feb 9, 2013

I agree with you in principal, obviously not all muslims are terrorists. Probably only (only!) 1 percent are terrorists, and I reckon at least 50% despise anyone who is not muslim. So they have earned their bad reputation, up to the point where it is rather scary to have a muslim neighbour, even when you want to believe in their basic goodness, like you and me.
Many people in first world countries are islamophobic and racist, but probably a higher proportion of Americans than other nations. Little by little homophobia is being eliminated, although obviously there are pockets of intolerance difficult to teach. There are far more mysoginists in Islamic countries, but of course there are still far too many in our modern countries.