Wish I Could.

There are things to be said, and others to be kept quiet.
My love for you is something that should be said, but I’m afraid of the consequences of it all, and I just hush my heart.
I never thought I could fall in love and be this happy again. I can still vividly remember when we met, and what you said. After that day on, I knew you were something special to me. I wish I could know if I’m that special to you like you are to me.
I wonder how you came to love her then and can’t love me now. How am I so different from her if the thing we have in common is the love for you? You make us dream a never ending dream. Nobody is perfect in this world, and you’re the imperfection of perfection I was looking for.
You make me feel that anything I say can come true, anything I wish for can happen, and anything I wish to become, I can be.
I’ve learned so much from you over the years, I’ve learned how to be more tolerant, more free, more me. I’ve learned to understand different points of view; I’ve learned to love you.
I don’t know how else I should tell you how much I love you, without actually saying those words. I don’t mind giving you my everything, because you are everything I have. Even when I feel lost and lonely, you’re always here to hold me. I love how you make me feel when I see you. There’s this weird urge I get to run to your arms and hold you tight. I wish our lips could meet like our eyes did that day, I wish I could be with you every single day.
Miizukii Miizukii
18-21, F
2 Responses Aug 15, 2010

Sometimes it's not that we fail to acknowledge those people that truly love us; there are no rules for love. We want what we can't have, and that is the sad truth. When we fall for somebody, nobody else exists but that someone. Doesn't matter if a guy covered in gold walks by us, that someone is the one we want. <br />
There is a reason for that. True happiness doesn't exist in life, just in our hearts. If we are happy with whom we wake up every morning, then nothing else matters but them. Love never quits, if it's pure and sincere. Decades can pass by, but that fervor is still there. We come to love those who understand us, those who care, even if it's only a little. We love them because they love us. <br />
Sometimes, there aren't words to explain to them what we really feel, but little by little they will understand if we're by their side. Being by their side should be enough if you truly love them.

Sometimes we fail to recall ourselves that there are other people who loves us and is worthy for our love. The sad truth is, when we love, we also fail how to find the right words to say what we truly feel to that certain someone. It's just quits.