To My First Crush And Love, Pinky (sarah)

i wrote you this letter to tell you how thankful i am to you. You changed my life all around. It's amazing that one person could mean the world and make such a change like that to another. You are a God Sarah, my God. You gave me life when i had no life, you gave me happiness when i had sorrow, you made me be a person everyone wants to be around and with out you... i really dont know what i would become. I fell in love with you and i still am. i love you so much, for who you are, what you become and because you're unique. Not like any other girl i knew. you stand out from all of them, you're special to me. you are the love of my life, the one i cherish, i adore, i love, i honor to be around and have you as a part of my life as well as making you my family. We have a wonderful relationship and we have to be having fun and live happy together. we shouldn't think of what's in  the past. we make a great couple me and you and no one ever has this, like if you think how special this is. we may argue but always know, behind that agry person deep down insidethere is this ME that still loves you so dearly. i wish you could see how much you mean to me. If you look into my eyes, the window to my soul, then you would know that my heart is completely yours. i trust you, respect you and want you so desperately to please and impress you in every possible way. you are the missing piece of my puzzled life. you will always be treasured deep within my heart. i am yours as long as you will have me. i could fill a 1000 pages telling you how i feel, but i wont ever get to the point that would tell you how i feel about you...the point of how much a guy would love his woman so much that no one could imagine. by the way, you asked me the day we met about what would i change about myself if i had the chance answer is simple but didnt have to courage to tell you but now i do and  this is my answer. "my memory, so that everytime i see you i fall in love with you all over again just like the first time i saw you by the pool"

completely yours  :P,


P.S. I Love You

dxb1990 dxb1990
18-21, M
Dec 13, 2009