Blindfolded Senses

I already tried it with my daughter I blindfolded her and start giving her different things to see if she guessed what it is and she only missed one but out of this came out a conclusion.
imagine try to stay blindfolded for one day and do a lot of daily activities around the house, it would be funny and crazy.
but in the other hand is more like trying to see the world from a different perception more like a bllind person and how much they are missing but at the same time they have an extra sense I bet they see and feel with their hearts

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3 Responses Jun 15, 2011

Looks like you were preparing for the worst I learned to see deep down too due to a different experience life is full of lessons =)

Oh wow is unbelievable what you went through in order to experience this but learned something good out of it thanks for sharing =)

Yes charmerende I love everything related with imagination <br />
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Unfriendly I can just imagine trying to get lost in the house, bumping against the walls, tasting, touching and smelling everything lol if I see my daughter doing this things I would be laughing hard XD