In Pain For Weeks And Weeks

I have a bad gallbladder. Not very exciting, I know. Who the heck wants to read about my gallbladder? Well--I am sick of dealing with it. Before Christmas I was in pain so bad that I went to the emergency room three times in two weeks. I finally was able to see a gastro specialist and have some more testing done and it was determined that my gallbladder was blocked, probably by the gallstones that apparently migrated from the inside of my gallbladder to the entrance. I have been on a fat free diet for three weeks now--. I was able to see a surgeon last Tues and he determined that I needed to have it removed. Unfortunately a mass on my adrenal gland showed up on the CAT scan and now I have to have that checked out before I can have the surgery. The surgeon said that my primary care Dr. could run blood tests to determine what the mass consisted of. Unfortunately, she is not a good Dr and has made me wait 10 days to even get an appointment with her. I have it later today. I was afraid that she was going to make me see a specialist for the mass--so I called her office a week ago to get a name of an endocrinologist--but she wouldn't even give me a name--so I picked one off the Internet and made an appointment anyway. That isn't until Feb. 3rd! I have little hope that she is going to do anything to help me out today. Starting yesterday my right side where my gallbladder is has been hurting. This is new. It hurt before when it was pressed on--but not just all the time. I am uncomfortable and tired--so tired-of waiting to get it out. I am afraid of the surgery but my pain and uncomfortably has made having the surgery seem like a necessity. I doubt that anyone will comment on this or that many will even read it--but just had to say something this early morning.
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Following your sister's advice would surely lead to some severe medical complications, GLB! Although I do understand where she is coming from. Western medicine is structured in such a way that there seem to be specialists for every organ of the body, and no-one left to treat the whole person. Naturally, each specialist tries hard to find something wrong with you that only they can treat.<br />
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It is not wrong at all to laugh about our former Prime Minister. I am glad you are still capable of laughing, given the chain of medical problems you have encountered recently. <br />
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Keep your chin up (though be careful not to rupture a disc in your neck!)

sorry--is it wrong that made me laugh?! I wonder if now I will get to president?! Somehow I doubt it. Saw the endocrinoligist. Got my adrenal gland cleared. Am having surgery March 10th. But during the testing for the gland it was discovered that My blood suger was too high and now I have to have testing on Monday to see if I am diabetic. I just CAN NOT STAND any more of the medical problems ****. I am tired of dealing with it. I prefer, as my sister like to say, to stick my head up my ***, but that doesn't seem to be an option that makes sense right now. Blah.

I am sorry to read about your discomfort, glb, and hope it is easily sorted out.<br />
Our former Prime Minister had problems with his gall bladder that apparently made him so irascible and tetchy that his party had to get rid of him! He seems a lot happier now that he has had his gall bladder removed and is now our Foreign Minister.

Thank you. It means a lot to me that you commented. The gallbladder breaks down fats among other things. That is why I am on a fat free diet. Actually--my Dr. appointment was a disaster! I have a mean internist--and I am never going back to her again. She got mad at me that I picked a different surgeon than the one she recommended and things got worse from there. She refused to run the blood tests that the surgeon had said that she could do and told me I had to see an endrocrinologist. I knew that was going to happen. I made an appointment for that just in case a week ago. So. Now I wait for Feb. 3rd to see the specialist. I have not had much pain these past few days and that has cheered me up a lot. I appreciate the concern, bro. Sometimes it just helps to know that someone cares.

Now I am worried about you. Hope everything went well at the doctor's. You know, I don't even know what the function of a gallbladder is. I hope they can fix yours. Try to have a good day, hope the pain has eased.