One Step Forwards Two Steps Back...trying To Get Across The Railroad Tracks And There's A Train A Comin

Can't find a Job. So down today. Can't function at all. Don't want to take a shower or get up or do anything. I think that I am unemployable. According to my sister who thinks she knows everything--some people go on hundreds of interviews before they get a job. I haven't had close to that but I am feeling completely discouraged. I am 44 years old and can't get hired for a minimum wage job....because of my felony conviction. Explaining that means explaining that I have a mental illness. I feel doomed. I am so f*cked up today.
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I don't know of any programs that help people with mental illness who have committed crimes while sick. I appreciate your comment. I am still totally down today although I did take a shower and plan on getting out of the house if only to buy milk and cigs. I forget to add when I was venting that another reason I have trouble getting a job is that for many many years I was on disability for my bipolar illness and therefore have a very short resume that does nothing to attrack new employers. I have been looking for a job for two years and have found nothing. I was working as a home health aid but can no longer do that as it makes me too sad and unhappy. I got a degree as a Paralegal over the past three years and graduated a year ago but have been unable to attract any attention in that field as I have limited experience and everyone wants several years of experience. It is so completely ******* depressing that I feel like giving up--losing my apt and just....--oh--I am just so down over it. I hope things get better for me soon too. I have $300 in the bank--four more weeks of unemployment--and then??? Who knows?

Ah, Sh!t, GLB... that sounds like the classic Catch 22.

Are there no programs available to assist people in your situation?

I know there are several that exist in Australia (if you ever wanted to emigrate!) -some that retrain people with criminal convictions and others that subsidise the employment of people with mental illnesses.

The thinking behind these government programs is that people in your situation find it difficult enough to get work so are more likely to re-offend, or to end up on the street, if they are not supported. Either way, they can end up costing the community more than a little government help would.

But I guess that kind of thinking smacks of "socialism" in the US?

BTW, if you *did* want to emigrate, Australia is crying out for workers. Unemployment figures released today show a rate of below 5 per cent.

I hope things get better for you soon.