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One Step Forwards Two Steps Back...trying To Get Across The Railroad Tracks And There's A Train A Comin

Can't find a Job. So down today. Can't function at all. Don't want to take a shower or get up or do anything. I think that I am unemployable. According to my sister who thinks she knows everything--some people go on hundreds of interviews before they get a job. I haven't had close to that but I am feeling completely discouraged. I am 44 years old and can't get hired for a minimum wage job....because of my felony conviction. Explaining that means explaining that I have a mental illness. I feel doomed. I am so f*cked up today.
greenlionburning greenlionburning 41-45 2 Responses Apr 6, 2011

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I don't know of any programs that help people with mental illness who have committed crimes while sick. I appreciate your comment. I am still totally down today although I did take a shower and plan on getting out of the house if only to buy milk and cigs. I forget to add when I was venting that another reason I have trouble getting a job is that for many many years I was on disability for my bipolar illness and therefore have a very short resume that does nothing to attrack new employers. I have been looking for a job for two years and have found nothing. I was working as a home health aid but can no longer do that as it makes me too sad and unhappy. I got a degree as a Paralegal over the past three years and graduated a year ago but have been unable to attract any attention in that field as I have limited experience and everyone wants several years of experience. It is so completely ******* depressing that I feel like giving up--losing my apt and just....--oh--I am just so down over it. I hope things get better for me soon too. I have $300 in the bank--four more weeks of unemployment--and then??? Who knows?

Ah, Sh!t, GLB... that sounds like the classic Catch 22.<br />
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Are there no programs available to assist people in your situation? <br />
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I know there are several that exist in Australia (if you ever wanted to emigrate!) -some that retrain people with criminal convictions and others that subsidise the employment of people with mental illnesses.<br />
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The thinking behind these government programs is that people in your situation find it difficult enough to get work so are more likely to re-offend, or to end up on the street, if they are not supported. Either way, they can end up costing the community more than a little government help would.<br />
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But I guess that kind of thinking smacks of "socialism" in the US?<br />
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BTW, if you *did* want to emigrate, Australia is crying out for workers. Unemployment figures released today show a rate of below 5 per cent.<br />
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I hope things get better for you soon.