i'm tired.. deep at heart i'm spent.. i need time out.. to sit and reflect.. talk to a deep blue sea..

i want to sing out loud, shout like christina aguilera! i wish i had her voice.. she can scream music ! :)

i don't have a strong voice.. i tried to sing with her, in the car windows closed of course.. end of the song my voice was gone! hehe

i have a secret wish, that someone would tell me oh peach i'm sorry about your phone, and here's a brand new one just for you!

it will remain a wish :)

i dream of a nice surprise.. of someone noticing what i really like and gift me something like it.. it doesn't have to be expensive it could be just a song!

i need some appreciation..

i also need some hope.. because i am somehow blind to it these days.. i wish i could see it somewhere!

i should go to the doctor for a follow up visit after 2 months of medication, but i'm not feeling like it and i'd rather keep the money to go out with my friends!

today i realized i have not been meeting my friends! i need different company, girls at work, half are married and consumed with their husbands and babies.. the other half is divided between those who are crazy about their beauty their body and their endless diets,., and another quarter with issues..
i think i can say i've not been in touch with anyone outside this circle for 6 months or so....

if Maj is reading this he will consider it whining..

if missgaga read this she may say she feels the same about some parts..

alvin will smile ! :)

and if someone else read this far.. thank you! :) you've just been on a trip to my dull mind today!
ThePeach ThePeach 26-30, F Jun 4, 2012

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