My First Heartbreak

I'm an average sophmore in high school, I'm very caring and i have a beautiful heart for others. Yes I'm a siner, but who really I sent. In the summer of 2012 I fell I love with my best friends sister, witch I couldent control, we were just so into each other, so we dated over the whole summer, built a wonderful relation it with her, practically lived with her. One day she got a call from her gmaw saying to come live with her in a different city. Once I found out the news my heart seemed to melt.. I really love this girl, and if she loves me the same why would she want to leave me.... so later I got us to the fact the soon we are going to be torn apart by nothing but space and time. The day I saw her drive away was so amazingly hard for me, I still can't describe the feeling. Anyways some time in early October she randomly moved back, witch she stayed 5 houses down from me. We started to hang out again, we tried to pick back up where we left off by I ****** that up for me for making the wrong decisions.. so we still hang, may get intament, but mostly great friends.. but recently she told me she's pregnate.. my world came to a stop. So I got a job so fast to try to support us, but she said she wants an abortion.. and after she gets it she's never going too speak to me again, she hates me now, all I do is try my heardest to get her why she wants, I love this girl and would give her my last breath.. why can't women see the good inside men, yes we are not perfect nor always right. But we do have strong willed hearts that do try their best. I just with I can unravel this long strand of emotions built up to her, but I have a big ego and Its hard for me to express my feelings in the heat of the monument.. am I a normal teen, or one who sees the world in a way many people can't. If anyone can understand me please,

Help me
strongintraining strongintraining
18-21, M
Feb 8, 2013