All Of You....

I know when things get dark, you think you don't deserve to be happy, or that you shouldn't be happy. But that is not true, as hard as it may be to see, you ALL deserve to be happy. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to Laugh, and Smile, and Giggle.

I know that when you are in a dark spot, and yuou are upset, and crying, and feeling depressed, its hard to smile, but just try, try reading a joke, or a story you have shared that has made you smile. Tell someone that you Love them, its next to impossible to tell someone you Love them, and Not smile.

I just want all my friends to know, that through the heart-breaks, the losses of Love ones, of Jobs, of failed frinedships, that you all deserve to be happy, and deserve to Smile.

You are good people, and do great things for others, and you deserve happiness, and deserve to be happy, and Loving life. You deserve to know how good it feels like to giggle uncontrolablly and have someone giggle back with you.

So whenever life makes you feel like you don't deserve to be happy, re-think, and know that you ALL deserve to be he happiest people in the world, and Please know that all your Love ones, would want you happy, because we Like knowing, and Like seeing our friends happy :)

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Dec 20, 2009