Mysterious Identities

I have friend here in ep who is in the same city as i am but i havent seen her nor hrhave I talked to her but somedays when i assume somebody i see in the crowd is that friend.I have had this assumption many times n quite few times i have shared these assumptions of mine with my friend too n my friend too felt like somebody she came across in the crowd was me.

The need to see each other talk to each other is there but we choose not to because this gives us a thrill a mystery which is hard to explain and it can only be experienced and felt.

I know the day we meet nothing is going to be like it was now we can share our feelings and emotions without fear of being judged because once we meet we start expecting a lot of things which may or may not be full filled. But yet i want to met her one day thank her for everything she has done for me I dont know when and where but till then we remain friends who cannot identiy each other in a crowd even if we are standing next to each other it is that thrill that creates an unexplainable excitement
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