Thank you T-Requess💕 I really don't know where I'd be without you and this is a just a friend message so no funny ideas... I hope you get better soon and of you need any more super ninja Dino hugs im here most of the time... I love you(as a friend) and I would do anything for you! So just remember that if you ever need help or want someone to talk to


Anyway I hope you get well soon and I'm not very good at writing things like this.. I often forget what I'm supposed to be writing... So I'll end it here. But I mean it. If you need ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING I'm right here/ there^^

-Morgan(: (The pretty pink fluffy ninja dinosaur)
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1 Response Aug 19, 2014

yyour welcome and thank YOU too , I needed a super ninja dino hug and you were there so thanx .