It Seems Like Such A Long Time

I just wanted to say hi to all of you and see how eveyone is doing. I know it's only been like six days or sout i truly miss you guys.


I want to say thank you to all of you that have sent me emails and have im with me.

Hope that everyone is well.

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30 Responses Mar 1, 2010

how can i refuse an invitation from such a beautiful woman SM.

i will thank you luv.

It is good to see you PTMAN! I hope you are doing well. You are missed here on ep. I hope you come back for another visit soon. Take Care..

i wouldn 't miss this for the world tx. bring the outfit on the avatar. hehe

i could use a good fun loving party, let's do it PIX. LOL

LOL!!!!! Harem party in Ptman's hotel room!!!!! ;-) Woo hoo!!!!

i guess i'm checking back in for the night Pix. i have a lot of company to attend to. lol

i miss you bella, and it's your fault. lol

Pt, EP is like the Hotel can check out but you can never leave! ;-)

good to see you WB , girl i miss your stories. don't know if i want to leave now. i'm getting EP poisoning. lol

WOW...What an awesome surprise....:D<br />
<br />
Glad to see you PT..Missed you around this place *hugs*

Hi PTMAN - missed seeing you around ... I have your email address too ... pix gave it to me ... there's no escape!!! Good to see you!

Thank you Pix, iv'ed miss you too.

Ptman!!!!!!!! ((((((hugs)))))) We've missed you!!!! *kiss*

you know you won't get any from me. i'm avail anytime. hehe.

lily, promises , promises i have been waiting on you for a few months. bring it baby. lol

it's good to see you carriewpd and please don't stop following me around.

Iam the quiet type, but its good to see you, and i do folllow you around!

I certainly miss you sole. i love your avatar very SEXY

I do the same *Tiger been busy..U hav done the right thing to be strong and stay in contact with us here that lov u so *Much*!!! i will never leave..But' as u i cut my time back here!! say hi to my few good friends..that are like family too! :-) *Sunshine sent! hugs and lov..see ya later! Glad i caught U!!

your HERE! ..yay! I think everybody missed you!...xoxo!

im glad :)<br />
many hugs

i will come by amyMA.<br />
<br />
Candy you spoil me, that's why i love you so much girl.

awe ur a * kind loving tender *Heart!!! we are here ur friends..more like family tho! ((More hugs)) *Tiger!!wait for u to come well ur in our hearts *ALWAYS*

im fine PT ..<br />
will u stay..?

Candy, the love of my life. miss you so much.

amyMA i missed you to young lady, how are you?

youwho, hugs to you sweet heart.

{{{HUGS WE MISS U..I Miss U!!!}}}}In my prayers@ good thoughts! PoP ;-) tickles lov u always!!! {{HOPE UR DOING BETTER~!!

hey PT,we miss u too..glad to see u.hope u ok..hugs*