What Part Of The 47% Are You?

Yesterday a statement came out of the Romney campange which made my head take a double take and a WHAT?

He said that 47% of Americans who are on the dole, who don't pay income tax, recieves government benefits, such as unemployment, food stamps and EBT will likely vote for President Obama. Now I pay more than my fair share of taxes from morgage tax to my federal income tax.

I like to break thisa down to those who either agree or disagree with this statement. Out of the 47% of these so called deadbeats and freeloaders there is 28% whio do work, they pay there income tax and other taxes whether you rent or own your home, you pay a morgage tax. You also pay to get your car registered ands inspected, buy food, cloth your children and try to make the best of whats left, which is not much.

Now there is another where soldiers have come home to no jobs, of course they don't pay an income tax because there is no income as of yet. That is 10% Now you have another 7% who are retired, who don't make enough to pay into the income tax bracket

Your free loaders who purpisely are living off the dole is aproximately 3%

The other 53% are business owners who either employ these 28% and there is goverment workers and the others still serving in the armed forces.

Now here is why I am up at arms over this is because Romney took all these numbers 47% and called you, the hard working class who pay more than there fair share, freeloaders and deadbeats.

Now he is trying to back pedal and what he said and claimed it wasn't said more classier, how ever it is said, the bottom line is clear, this candidate has already turned his back on all of you and has no quarems of doing anyting to make life easier for you. he already has it in mind to raise your income tax from 2 to 4.000 dollars and cut the rich's taxes. Sound femiliar?
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1 Response Sep 19, 2012

They can back peddle all they like.. But corporations and the extremely rich rule governments . I`m not sure if there is a way out of this society now barring any mass revolutions. It just seems so crushing when there is truly no one to vote for, because the system is so flawed.