Is It Okay to Lie About Someone to Ruin Their Job

I have had an excruciating experience on a job. I work with quite a few people who are married and even some who are single parents also. I don't know any of them in my personal life. I just wonder why they seem to think it is okay to spread horrible rumors and outright lies to discredit fellow workers and get them fired. They are so low as to actually make up relationships, diseases, and when someone actually talks about what is really happening in their lives, call that all lies. I really and truly don't know what these people are all about.  They cannot be Chrisitians because they blatantly break the 10 Commandments every single day. They must think that the only way they can get ahead is to lie and cheat and connive. Obviously their own talents and skills are not enough, or perhaps that would be too much like work.  Doing the right thing and leaving their fellow workers who are total strangers to them alone to do theirs. I have noticed that the people doing these things seem to have an inordinate amount of time to create the lies and and rumors in an 8 hour day. Sure doesn't seem like they spend very much time working. Is this the new work ethic. Or lack of ethics.

 I guess the real kicker is, that when people try to attack someone on their sexuality, and that person has not dated in over 6 years and has only been at that job 3 and is a blood donor, which they have been informed of, how they can face themselves in the mirror.  I work in politics and realize it is an unstable environment but just because that person is not exactly like them, why is it okay to totally lie and ruin someones life who has done absolutely nothing to them. Doesn't even care enough about them to even retort to their efforts to start fights and really wonders what kind of emotional problems they have that makes it okay in their heads to carry on such a nasty campaign day after day and be able to sleep at night with their consciences. I guess that is the difference between winners and losers. Winners don't have a conscience when a lie is true and the truth is a lie.

I have worked very hard to raise two children through universities and they have graduated and one became a lawyer. I am working very hard to raise my third child who is six years old. I do not have the time or inclination to attack other people. I just wonder, do some people have no control over themselves or their morals.  In pyschology they have experiments where people can push a button that produces pain, when they have no controls some people push it over and over because they enjoy causing others pain , probably because their lives are so bleak that they just want to hurt others.  I guess that is the reason that some people act as they do. They are so dissatisfied with their own lives they have to make others miserable.

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1 Response Mar 3, 2007

Some people just have no heart when it comes to others. They value only what they have and anything else means nothing to them.