I Just ..*smiles*

i just found my new prince !! :)
his real name is Jung Ji-Hoon  ,but they called him Rain . i love rain ,i love him :P

and noone else has the right to say hes their prince !! deal ?hm !
is an old story but v-day somehow made me think of him:)
amysangels amysangels
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18 Responses May 28, 2010

no im still trying to watch the rest episodes of ''full house'' heh :)


i know i started watching it yesterday n i love it

hey hey what u saying?tsk <br />
:)heh hes perfect..what a prince:)

hehe AP how u could get him if you already being KO by your amy?? lol



amy wouldn't even listen any word by marji nor AP, she is listening to rain, ehmm ehmmm ^ ^

wait to see my avatar :)


*sings* <br />

*points to dad* he did !<br />

hehehe <br />
:) :)<br />
*watching videos of Rain*

im glad u approve him :) hes the best :)<br />
<br />
hey uliftmeup,the little prince is always in my heart but Rain..is different prince.. :)

lol amy u proud flower, now u forgot little prince already!! lol

what ??share?no way ! <br />
:) is my prince !

He is cute !

why..??? you got him, that's why u smile?? ^ ^