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Kathieredart has been a distinguished and Outstanding member Of our EP community for about eight months.During this time she has written  over one hundred stories(and thats including the time she "couldn't post"-they weren't going through for over a month....after writing her first hundred,I think she knew how to operate the POST STORY FUNCTION! The stories were funny,witty,moving and always real.Whether The subject was Idaho potatoes,or her struggles taking care of a aged,sick mother she always brought a refreshing and unique perspective.Kath has answered innumerable questions,winning over 250 Best Answers...never received a trophy,or any other of the laurels EP so carelessly tosses about.KR is my friend,and a kinder ,more caring individual just doesn;t exist.She even recently wrote a story about me entitled "Bookerdana-Renaissance Man.Giggle if you must,the woman is  loyal to a fault.(The only real resemblance to Bookerdana and say,Da Vinci is that both our names end in a vowel-Duh-Vinci would be more fitting!) She has posted a slew of good,interesting questions.Yet recently I learned that this exemplar has less points and just a few more tokens than I do.The poor woman has been forced to walk the mean streets of EP,trolling for groups,so that she could send gifts to her friends! Why,she even considered joining every Astrological sign group(I Am A Taurus,I Am A GEMINI,etc),but was only stopped by the fear that they would be "onto" her game,and she wouldn't be able to send her friend Weekender1 the red heels she coveted.In real life Mary Katharine is an artist,who has had own shows,a cook who ran her own restaurant,Kathies Cafe,and if her garden makes The Cloisters look like an over-grown garbage dump,it is because she is an experienced gardener,who was once president of her local garden club.DON"T LET THIS PROUD,TALENTED SENSITIVE WOMAN GO ON LIKE THIS! Give her the tokens she deserves and has earned.We demand that she be free to live a normal EP life,and not have to join THE I HAVE LOST THE WILL TO FART IN PUBLIC group and 4,499 others,equally bad,just to get a few tokens! JUSTICE FOR KATHIEREDART! Are you with me citizens of EP? Than put your name below mine,and bring back the dignity to this womans life!.....Bookerdana,a proud friend
bookerdana bookerdana 51-55, M 13 Responses Sep 5, 2012

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Who is this woman? *giggles*

Just another sad case of an EP woman forced to debase herself to feed her token was one of my more whimsical moments. She is now in the Costa del Sol,token wise. I didn't join over 2000 groups for nothin',either!

Tragic the lengths we must endure for token security.

Well I dont know about this . I always get tons of tokens, trophys etc. I am quite sure our esteemed Ep staff are operating a very fair, unbiased system.
I expect Kathie is getting lots of both .. but just not telling you.

Sure,look at the date on the doubt you are correct

Awwwww..... This story you wrote for me always gives me warm fuzzies and a smile. Thank you, Bookerdana. Though I've never received the trophies, you tried your darnedest, I appreciate you.
I must go now, as my token stash is low... * joins group " I know how to clear a room pronto." *

Thank you so much for this long ago post. It meant so much, still does, and always will.

* joins group " you should see dancemomback shake her groove thang" * Thanks, tiny dancer... You found this story, and your comment caused me to get to read it and bask in the glow again. I'm so happy our EP paths crossed. (((((dancemomback))))) oooooooh! You are such a cool friend!

Haha.... Lay off that delete button this time,Sugar. Oxo

I , for one, most definitely believe this woman should receive all the kudos, trophies and points deserved. She is very fortunate to have found a friend to stand up for her and the message well taken. Very well written by the way.

They put your response out of chronological order! a biotoch,man!

Screw her, she's obviously one of the 47% of whining slackers just looking for a free ride off the tokens of those of us who have them!

Who is she?

She is a seriously nice person,an artist,humanitarian...and someone who reads the story before commenting.....

Hopefully SHE has a sense of humor and knowledge of politics

SHE does..........

Good, then she understood I was joking. :)

Whew.... For a minute tho.... Kisses Ernie on cheek ..... Share a carrot?

Sure. Wanna honey-dipped acorn? They're fresh from the tree

Hello 4real.... Oxo... Had I seen this MONTHS ago, I would have thanked you for your comment.
Wishing you all the best things in life!

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I'm with you

Oh,cool. Now she can get that nice pair of crutches for Tiny Tim! Kathie is a seriously nice person.Thanks,Penty!

She sure is

This is kinda-sorta imm Barr *** un for me....... ( go ahead, tell me more... ) LMflatAO

Okay,you're seriously barr-arsed(could I peek.please?).And very nice

She is a real sweetheart

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grantmepeaceplease signs the petition. lets get justice for KR.

Oh Peace, bit you've ALREADY done so much! In fact, I believe your petition was the cause of our circle friendship! Hugs to my pal!

Yay rock! Oh,where are my manners...THANK You


Who could argue? Free Kathieredart! (with every package...)

I found a new group for YOU! LMflatAO .... I hope you've been well Firefall....oxo

I just now " got it" .... Ok, ok! I'm a little slow! ( crams herself into yet ANOTHER box of fruit loops )

LOL we're all fruit loops together here {hugs}

Normally I would support such a worthy cause, however on the grounds that I like the strange funky groups she finds I can't lend my might to this cause, if I did I would have to resort to tramping EP's mean St's for myself instead of sitting back from the comfort of my circle activity and nicking those she has found. I'm a Troll after all and it just wouldn't be seemly for me to do my own tramping!

Haha...... I'll do the work for you, since I'm problem!

Sometimes in life you find a special who brightens your life just by being part of it. Booker, you make me laugh until I can't stop. You are one surprise after another. Thank you for caring...oxoxo

..... And again! Thank you for this, Booker. I've had a wonderful time rereading all this. Hugs!

I whole heartedly agree with you BooKer! Kathie IS the sweetest, kindest, and every other good thing a person can be that I can and can't think of right now! Although...that group joining thing CAN get a little addicting, I'll admit. Tokens for Kathie it is!! So she doesn't have to'll just leave it at that! :O ( Wonder what I was gonna say...don't you?)

I have some idea,really! Thanks for joining in our fight.Free the Redart One!

LMflatAO ..... Again and again.... ( forms new group..." my *** has been laughed off, I'm top heavy and I keep falling over )

Wow, Weekie.... I don't even think we had met in person when Booker wrote this! And what friends we've become! <3

Wonderful post. You're a good friend to be in her corner like this. I wish I would have known when I was rich, but alas, all I have is two tokens. I wish you and kathie the best of luck in your struggle. Power to the people!

Its time to dust off my sixties protest clothes and stick it to the man!

I woke up to this surprise, Puck! Leave it to Booker! One of the coolest things about EP is you meet new friends thru old friends....I just love that part! It's my pleasure knowing you.... Hugs.