He Got Away

This is just a follow up to my story, in "I was tortured". I feel the need to explain, as many are asking and hoping that my attacker was bought to justice. That would have been a real happy ending, but sometimes life doesn't work in that way. =p

Anyhoo,  I love the law and have respect for it, despite it's many flaws and loopholes... not the mention, the corruption that sometimes happen within it. I was brutally raped and tortured by a "man" I had met from an online dating service, at the age of 21 (over 8 years ago). My mother made sure that I went to police, as soon as the whole story was reviled, as I had blacked out most of it, in my mind... and it took weeks to gain some of those memories back. So, two weeks after, as the horror was unfolding itself, my mother grabbed my hand and took me to the police.

The first time, it was the police in my city. Now, the police force of Philadelphia has a reputation of being aggressive and a bit trigger-happy. They knew without my mother explaining much, that I was an victim of rape and assault. I was still in denial of it, still protecting my attacker, because he said he loved me. But a person who loves you, they don't force sex on you, or hurt you in the ways I was hurt. I remember coming home with blood in my bra and not knowing why he had done that to me, not to get too graphic here. :-/

Still, the Philly Police was kind and patient with me. But they were so going to get this monster! And they even hinted, that they would do what they are most known for, that on his way to the holding cell, he will happen to "trip" and have an accident! lol. BUT... then chief and other higher-ups came with the bad news... the rape and torture didn't happen in my city. It happened outside of my city, in the monster's township. So, it wasn't in their jurisdiction to question or prosecute. Ever see a grown man cop, nearly fall into tears, over the frustration of not being able to bring in a bad guy? I had! My family and I would have to travel two hours out of our city and go to the other township to talk with detective there.

It was tough, as I had to leave my familiar city and go into HIS territory, to tell my story to police that were in another town. I cried the whole time, scared. But I did talk with them and told them the truth. We had gave them the address that he had given us, which was to a poor part of the town. And these detectives was thinking he was someone else, another offender, and was gun-ho for taking the scum down. But then I got highly confused and upset, saying that no, my attacker lived in a very rich neighborhood... that something is not right here. Sure enough, he had given us a fake address. They found out where he really lived and who he was... Then the buck stopped there!

Apparently, his parents are pillars of their community, very rich and well respected. His father is a big time lawyer... so, with their money and reputation, they made sure their son was well protected. The township in question has a reputation of having highly corruptible law enforcement... money talks there. So, he got away with it. Not just for mine, for the others he had victimized. I wasn't his first or his last. :-/

But that's okay. I made my peace with it. I'm a huge believer of Karma! And I've seen it happen to the bad people. He may cheat the law, but he can't cheat the Universe. He'll get his, someday... for what he done to me and for the other young women too. ;-)

What I do know is, that I'm alive today. And I've survived it. And I'm happy and moving on with my life. Also, he doesn't control me anymore or my future! I am free. Honestly, I can't remember his smell anymore... or what he looks like, anymore. It's such a blur in my mind. It's a good sign. :-)

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1 Response Oct 23, 2009

I am so happy that you were able to move on with a positive outlook on life. <br />
You have a truly inspiring story that can touch many people and give them hope that healing is possible. <br />
You're a strong person.