Tell Me Everyone, What Is Wrong With These People, I Live With ?

For 5 years or more, I have been living with my sister Janet and my brother in law, I am disabled and don't have the money to live on my own. Ever since I have been living there, the light above the kitchen sink has been broken. So washing dishes and cleaning can be difficult. Many of times through the years. I have asked them to fix this problem. The switch to jaws [ garbage disposal]. turned it on and the switched flashed white. While I was cleaning the coffee pot. The lamp I had put on a ledge in front of the kitchen sink, so I could see what I was doing, The whole lamp fell into the dirty soapy water, I watched it bubbling filling up with water. I thought OH my God, this is like the hair dryer in the bath tub and someone gets electrocuted. This time cleaning I was wearing rubber gloves. So I took a chance and pulled the plug. Immediately, I threw the lamp into the garbage can in the kitchen. I would think this lamp would be dangerous right. Throwing something in the garbage, would you not think, or ask why this lamp is the garbage. My brother in law Tom. Took it out of the garbage and plugged it into the wall, in front of the sink. I informed my sister Janet and explained what happened, She said, If Tom believes its OK to plug the lamp back into the wall. I am going trust him. Now previously, I informed Tom about the lamp and how we or someone could be electrocuted, all he said was OH. Now after a couple of days, Tom again plugged this same lamp back into the wall. AMERICA PLEASE GIVE AN OPINION ON THIS STORY
justmepat1954 justmepat1954
Jan 13, 2013