Change is one of life's few certainties. Like the four seasons Change comes and goes though not like clockwork, but often just in time. Change will not be denied, it will simply happen without your witness or approval. Sometimes Change is a breathe of fresh air, welcomed like a dear old friend. Change sometimes comes effortlessly. At other times Change is a BEATCH, down right painful but still somehow necessary. Change is a series of hurdles, some high, some low, encountered throughout life. Change is necessary, without it we become stagnant, out of touch and then outlast our usefulness. Change is not to be feared although sometimes it is frightening. When Change is unavoidable it must then be met full frontally otherwise we struggle uselessly, needlessly against ourselves. We must learn to be at peace with Change if we are to ever be to peace with ourselves. Change is about life and life is about possibilities. This I know for sure; we can do Change the hard way or we can do Change the easy way, but we are going to do it. How you choose to accept it is up to you.
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1 Response Aug 22, 2014

i believe change is to allow you to be more understanding to others pains and ur own ego... to not change is to be lifeless and stagnant, rather change and craft than be stagnant and turn to stone..