Love of My Life

My fiance Matt and I met in high school and liked one another but were scared of telling the other, I think because of rejection and he was seeing someone at the time but really didn't love her. Then about a year after I graduated he came into where I worked (along with his cousin) and he told his cousin he liked me. So my break at work had rolled around, Lonnie (Matt's cousin) was in the back room and was talking to me and asked if I liked Matt. I said yes I always have and he told me that Matt has felt the same way about me. We started dating on September 21st 2007. We really didn't have to much money to spend on one another for Christmas but we managed to get gifts for everyone we wanted to and get something for eachother. I bought him a gun (thats the one thing he wanted). He asked me what I wanted and I said I have everything I could want just with you. His cousin, him and I went to a Wal-Mart, his cousin said he wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend and asked me which one I liked because he said we had the same taste which was not true. So i told him the one I liked and he told Matt and for Christmas I opened all my gifts at his house with his whole family. Loved all my gifts, and the very last gift Matt said he forgot to give me in front of the whole family.  The entire family knew what was gonna go down and got very very quite and he gave me the bag and I opened it. I reached in and pulled out a small box and he got down on one knee and ... I couldnt believe it I just looked at him and said your shittin' me he said no. I wanna be with you for the rest of our lives and I promise you everything and anything your heart desires. Of course I said yes when he proposed, I was in such shock I couldnt cry. He said I was hoping to see you cry , I laughed and we hugged and kissed eachother and got pictures and now we are moving forward with our lives.

Mattsgirl4EVER07 Mattsgirl4EVER07
May 19, 2008