Who Fancies A Spit Roast?

For the main course.

A big sizzling hog, its juices dripping down. Its skin crunchy, its flesh succulent. With apple sauce and big chunks of bread.
And for the non-piggy eaters. Chickens roasted to perfection. With spiced cabbage and crisp raw apples.
Just got to work out how to rig up the ventilation system, the whole fire pit thing could be tricky down the holeā€¦..

Any other suggestions??
KatarinaVonSweet KatarinaVonSweet
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6 Responses Jul 10, 2012

Perhaps we should rig a carbon monoxide detector in the hole.

Its going to be a must I feel!

Shouldn't be difficult. We'll just have to remember to keep an eye to the batteries.

I can totally bring a big tossed fresh salad and some berries and cream for dessert!! :D

rabbits have this SERIOUS thing about leaves! Boing (bonk)

Damn you...... I am now SO hungry....... But I just don't know what for - Weird?

breakfast.....??? eat or ep, that is the question....

Well today it is EP...... Much to the disgust of my stomach !

I have a smoked salmon bagel waiting.... must leave wonderland.... must return to real world.... arrrggghhh

OK, so now you have tipped me over the edge...... CHOCOLATE for breakfast it is. Damn you woman....

You didnt!!! BAD.....

I did and it felt GOOD.........But, hey, my conscience is clear as you drove me to it...... ;-))) x

I get the blame for everything and it is never my fault. what did you have for lunch? crisps and ice cream??

A big, crunchy, sizzling, HOG, served with apple sauce and a big smile.......

We'd be stuffed.... but happy....

Yep !!!!!

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Durn, my mouth is watering. When do we eat? :)

We have to be definitive on the menu first. Then round up the bunnies! Fun, fun, fun :) mmmmm hogroast.....

Fancy dress or come as you are?

well lots of people, for some reason I cant work out, like very little clothes when down the rabbit hole..... Not me, I'll be wearing a basque at the very least... oh and stockings of course

Where are my top hat and bow tie...?

Apple in the mouth?

got to be.....
and carried by specially trained bunnies to my ladies table.....