Kitty's *** Diary

Date. 12/12/12                                        Kitty's *** diary

*** number 1. 

Kitty was thinking about her Master while she was ******* herself stimullating her gspot with the vibe.  Kitty was imagining her Master ******* her from behind and pulling on her nipples calling her '' a dirty little **** **** '' and how good her arse was lookin as he was pounding her from behind spanking her arse with the palm of his hand.

 Grabbing her hair Master rams his **** in harder and deeper as she cries out with pleasure, feeling his balls slapping on and off her **** lips with the sound of her wetteng ***** beneath . Kitty then came with the flourishing desires she craves for her Master . Her squirt trickes out of her **** as she then slaps the vibe against her ***** rubbing in the juices she has made for Master.

{************ whilst imagining Master there doing these dirty things to her making kitty  his to use in  everyway possible} . 


*** number 2.

Kitty lay there relaxed ******* herself with her vibrator fantacising over her Master and her Hubby doing away with her. Master behind her ******* her arse while her husband grabs hold of both sides of her head and rams his **** into her mouth Deepening his **** to the back of her throat, she gips with the feel of his **** head against her toncills .

 Kitty on all fours moaning while being used by both Master and Husband her mouth slobering around her Hubbys balls and onto the floor making a pool of druel . Master behind releases himself into her as she climaxes with a mouth full of hard ****. Hubby then walked around to the back of her and ***** her in the *** while she then sucks Masters **** free from the residue of *****.

{I alwasy *** quickly thinking dirty kinky thoughs and i detonated every where}


*** number 3.

Kitty'' tied up into a sitting position with her arms and legs tied together using PVC tape , shes blindfolded and all she can hear are footsteps walking around the room. she's wondering whats going to happen her breath becomming heavier . ''Who could it be''? 

She suddenly feels a warmth of breath on ther neck and begind too moan gently through her teeth biting together as something cold is pressed against her **** and penetrated until she climaxes , a hard ****** as she squirts everywhere . The blind fold is unleashed as she openes her eyes to both her Master and hubby.

{ Master helped me cound down from 10 - 2 and i came on 2 when Master ordered me too very hard and veyr fast exploding allover with the back splashes onto my stomach}.


*** number 4.

She lay there helpless tied to the bed wrists and ancles restrained and ball gagged her hubby approaches her with the paddle and begins to paddle her **** while Master stands ther over her twisting each nipple beneath her fingers and pulling them as her **** is paddled.

Trying to moan in satusfaction but the ball gag barriers her vocals as she lay there helpless being used as a sex toy for both Master and Husband. She begins to feel very wet for her Masters .

{I sit on the edge of the couch ******* myself with the ***** on heavy vibrate holding a glass in the other hand to catch any squirt . i Release and only a drop goes into the glass and the rest went on the floor below me} .


Thank you Sir for letting me *** today i needed a release :)



Kitty :)
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wow luved ur stry..made me wet..

Thank you for reading.


thank you. how are you hun ? Annah x

so hot....

A very hot story. Thank you. Please keep them coming.