Help! My Dreams Are Disappearing

I've always had very complex dreams. As a child, a dream without a plot was basically a dream wasted. My family was surprised when I said kidnapping was one of my favorite events in dream because it was so fun to show those kidnappers who the boss was. I can also control my dreams almost every night, writing them as if they were a story. I rarely get lucid, however.
I used to always have long dreams. They would take up pages. Now, all of a sudden, my dreams take up a paragraph. Every night, I wake up with very few dreams remembered. What does this mean? Should I just struggle through it and it'll go away? How do I get my long, fun dreams back?
Adadastralgi Adadastralgi
2 Responses Mar 15, 2012

Oh, cool. Thanks so much. It has been rather stressful recently. I hope they come back soon.

Maybe if you just tell yourself before you go to bed every night that you will start having long dreams again then eventually itll get back into your subconscience and happen. I read alot of advice to do with lucid dreaming along those lines about believing and having the right intention and telling yourself...ive also read that if you have alot of stress in your life/mind then your dreams go away or are more rare during that time.. so maybe that could be it? i dont know that sucks though that you dont remember anymore id say you do get lucid though by the way you say you can control them.. thats what lucid dreaming is..