I Keep a Dream Journal

I keep a dream journal. I have consistently started writing down my dreams (again) since in 2006. I have some dreams written from early 2000 on HOWEVER I password protected the disk so now I have NO clue how to crack the code. Maybe I'll dream about that! :) I have found some pages that I printed out though. Oh well.

I have dreams written down (and yes I know the passcode :) since 2006. I have well over 375 pages worth to this day. The majority of the pages have 2 - 5 or so dreams for the day. If had to guess, I may have close to 2000 dreams. I find this FASCINATING! I type my dreams out in Word document. I give it a title which helps me to recall a particular dream. Instead of saying I have my dreams in a notebook...I say I have a manual of my life! :)

I find it ABSOLUTELY fascinating and exciting to write down the dreams. At times I am more focused on getting it typed. Then later, it could be weeks or months later, I'll go back and re-read them. It blows my mind to read a dream that I had 6 months ago. If you were to ask what's going on in my life now, it would be just about word for word from the dream I had six months ago! That just blows my mind. It fascinates me how that happens!

If I get down about a situation in my life I'll go back and read my dreams only to find what it says the outcome of the situation would be. Its as if I give myself a little reading. This causes me to stay focused on the good or the learning lesson or the reason I'm going through whatever it is. It keeps me focus.

Symbols - to my amazement if I didn't write down my dreams I would not realize that I dream of the same symbols at times. For instance this year I realized since January I've periodically had dreams that has a pick up truck in it. I also realized I have had patterns about time in the last month or so. I've had dreams about the 3:00 hour. If I didn't write the dreams down, I definitely would have missed it.

Here's one more for the road. I found a print out of a dream from September 2000. The content of the dream was of me asking if I was going to get a new car or not. Well I was shown a car way down the road sitting under a garage. In the dream I was frustrated with the salesman because I couldn't see the car from that far away. So I walked away irritated with him. The end. Well today I laugh about that dream.

The dream showed me that 'yes I will be getting another car down the road (in life)'. And I did in the spring of 2003! What really gets me to this day is I saw the color in 2000 but never paid much attention that I bought the exact same color! The car in the dream was a 4 door car and I purchased a 4 door car. Ask and you shall receive! At the time of the dream, my car at that time was acting up and I wondered if I was going to have to get another car. The dream was a confirmation of yes and to have patience. Neat, huh? :) Had I not written down the dream, I wouldn't have ever remembered such a thing.

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I write my dreams down for half a year now and I have gathered over 30 Dreams (I don't realy count) and it's just as you said amazing how it is to read my own dream after a long time. Every time I read one of my dreams I think that normally I would have forgotten this amazing dream. Sometimes I get this awareness that I am really dreaming and I get controll of my dream. It is a strange change of the normal dreaming (ok, no dream is really normal).<br />
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I hope you have further success and fun in writing down you dreams.<br />
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Your firelord

Good for you Pauline! :) Keep in touch, I would like to hear how your journal is coming along :)

i will definatly try that thanks :)

Practice dream recall. Learn the different techniques that would work for you to recall a dream once you are awake. I'm sure you have some interesting dreams about your life (especially if you have the desire to write them down). You will be amazed...I mean 'amazed' to look back on it. It really is neat. For me it started out as a discipline about writing them down. I made myself type it first thing after waking up or I will recall the dream over and over in my head throughout the day and type it out at night. Majority of the time I write it later. However it is a big difference to write it in the A.M. versus P.M. because some of the content seems to get lost although I still remember the major points.

extremely interseting :D...i'm always thinking about writing my dreams down so i could intrept them better in the future but by the time i'm awake enough to write i ususally forget what it was about