For About 4 Months

I kept a dream journal because I was given one to many journals for xmas. I found myself having quite vivid dreams and was suprised how much detail I could remember upon awaking. I even dreamed some really random stuff too much to my amusement.

However, my dreams started drying up. I noticed it happened around the time I was getting depressed and wasn't speaking to my mum. I just became annoyed with it and gave up altogther.

Does anyone know if there is a method to remembering your dreams or if there is anything you can take or do to remember them clearly. I didn't really wanna give up on this because I believe what we dream may have some relevance or hidden advice. Plus its kinda interesting and i'm just curious.

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2 Responses Jul 5, 2009

What is it with all these journals given as gifts?! I say you should do one seeing as you're lucky enough to be able to remember every single dream. When you look back on what you were dreaming it does make an interesting read. It can also be a bit embarassing : )

Hmm I'm not sure that there is a method to remembering your dreams. I know personally I can remember almost every single dream that I have. However, my sister doesn't remember any of her dreams. I think it's just something that you can't control.<br />
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Anyway your dream journal was really interesting! I think I might start doing that becusae I too have recieved many many journals as gifts. Thanks for posting!