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I write about everything. any little tid bit that comes into my mind. some of my journal entries would not make sense to anyone but me. some are 6-7 pages long, some are a paragraph.
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that's the way it goes. no rhyme or reason, just write what and when the inspiration strikes.

I hope to be

thanks. I'd love to be a child psychologist because I love children.

I accept all types of people. I'm the advice buddy and I've actually looked into becoming a psychologist. I knew everybody in high school.

I enjoyed it because the rest of my classes were boring. he was about 60 years old and he still got up on a counter one time to get our attention. I happen to be an ice queen. it takes a lot to bother me.

I just wrote about him. he is a communist and a feminist and he get all fired up and just starts yelling about womens rights. he gives out an information sheet about vladimir lenin on lenin's birthday. he has a huge soviet flag hanging in the classroom. the desks were always put in a different pattern everyday. he called history hersory and always spelled woman/women womyn because it had man in it. he was nutty but I learned a lot.

it was nostalgic. just about my batty old u.s. history teacher in high school

yeah, in fact I'm going to go write right now...


yeah I reread. I think of how I felt when I wrote the entry and where I was. it's really interesting.