I Keep A Journal Too

I started keeping a journal when I was 16. I've kept all of my journals. Until the beginning of this year I actually hand wrote all of my journal entries but at the beginning of 2010 I started keeping my journal on my computer. At first it was sort of an odd transition. It was as if I missed hand writing my journal but now it feels better to keep it on the computer because I can type much faster than I can hand write.
shybbw shybbw
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2 Responses Jul 12, 2010

Yeah, I get what you mean. I actually like typing better, but the thing is I never reread it if I do it on a computer. There's just something special about writing in a book.

I always handwrite in journals because i feel like you have a better connection to what you're writing but thats just me. I don't think I can type as fast on my computer as I can handwrite either.