Well obviously I have a journal. I can't say I write in it every day, but it's my venting spot. You don't have to worry about being misunderstood, you don't have to worry about hurting peoples feelings, you don't have to worry about feeling condemed because you said something mean, because no one reads it. And then once you get it out you realize that it's not half as bad as you thought it would be. So I write in it when ever I feel the need; whenever I need to find out what I think in something. I just write away , the different sides and thoughts on a matter, and then by the end I come to my conclusion.
I can't say that my journal is interesting, I personally don't think it is, but it does the job I use it for and I really enjoy writing in it.
sloshy sloshy
18-21, F
Jul 13, 2010