I Love My Journal

I love to write in my journal. every time I write in it i feel like it hears me and understands. I try to keep it up to date as possible but sometimes its so hard to find the time.
i think the main reason i love to write in it is because i want to be able to remember all the fun things Ive done/ all the brilliant ideas ive had / lists of things to do etc. 
im like the queen of making lists! keeping those in my journal keeps me organized and helps me know whats going on in my life. i think basically ppl are frightened at the idea of keeping a journal because they dont like to write. you and i however love to write! i guess its just a better outlet for some than others you know? 

keep writting and stay focused on life

maddiethecharm <3
Maddiethecharm Maddiethecharm
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 14, 2010

I feel the same towards my Journal, it's really such a beautiful thing to mantain a diary! :)