Must Define What I See

I've kept journals for ten years now and I think I've become a better writer because of them. They helped a lot during adolescence, from the teenage boy crazed rantings to the depressed "why won't anyone take me seriously" angst, to the questionable identity statements such as "am I gay?" to just writing what I thought I wanted. Writing in my journal helped to express what I felt I could not.

I've discovered answers, have found true desires, have hacked away at what I want in life, what I feel is my purpose in life and have used it as a tool to record every single thing that has happened to me, when, how I felt and how I feel about it now. Journal writing has been a great coping skill.
Ariella Ariella
31-35, F
2 Responses Jan 18, 2008

yes indeed! my journal keeps me sane. at least, my type of sanity ;)

I agree, journaling is a wonderful source of healing and self discovery. I love looking back and finding life themes and remembering how I made it though tough times. Being an introvert, it's especially valuable because I could not utter most of my deepest thoughts to people right away.