For My Boyfriend.

I keep a journal but it's not for me to remember my history, it's for my boyfriend. I haven't seen him in a very long time due that fact that he is in the navy and stationed in another state. I write to him every night and I tell him how much I miss and love him. I tell him about my day and what's truely on my mind. I tell him about my hopes and dreams for us and our future family. I hope to give it to him before he leaves for the middle east. I want him to remember that he has people waiting for him to come and that we all love him so very much. I hope that it will give him the will to keep pushing on. And the crazy thing is that he doesn't know anything about it.
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7 Responses Mar 23, 2011

so we are kinda in the same boat. i haven't seen him in two years but we haven't been together that long. im glad you got to talk to him. that's always the best part of my day no matter what we are talking about. i have my days too. but i'm sorry it's a bad one for you today.

i havent seen him in over a year but we talked on the phone on tuesday. Im really missing him alot today :(

Than you so much. That makes me happy to write them for him. I really hope he will love them :)

This is beautiful.<br />
I've not had any other contact with my mate then online for nearly 2 years. With periods of not speaking there either for some months. When I miss them it's very nice to have something to read. Do make sure he has them. I am certain he will love it.

Awwww thanks guys :) I really hope that he will like it too.<br />
Friendlyheart- thanks.<br />
Quartet- thanks for the encouragement. I hope he knows how much I truely love him.<br />
Singinjes- awwww. that's adorable. when was the last time you heard from him? i hope to give it to him before he goes on deployment.

Im doing the same thing!! my boyfriend is in the army. he is only at basic training right now, but it still sucks alot. so yeah i write too :)

aww that's wonderful:)