I Have Kept Many Journals

I have some journals I keep here in my home and a few on line. I keep my most personal deep down thoughts in my home journal. I am mostly open in some of my on line journals but feel most thoughts are meant to be kept off line from people you do not know as well as you know ur own self. I've enjoyed keeping my journals that way from time to time I can go back and read and think what in the world was going on there? or Oh yeah I remeber that lol. Its sometimes helps when your trying to remember something and you can go back and read it there in black and white. I can not remeber how many times I've went back and read something I've writen and its iether helped or made me cry or feel sad. But I think its ok to remeber those old feelings. Well thats my little story on my journals. Till next time Tina/Shorty,........
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2008

i guess i tend to be a little bit too open in online journals. i feel a need for people to know some of my deepest thoughts and get affirmation, but because i don't know them it's okay if they don't approve or agree, because i'm not invested in them and they aren't invested in me like friends or family are.

I keep sort-of-journals...<br />
<br />
mostly just three or four word phrases with pictures I draw...but I mean, as far as a place where you record personal data about your emotions...no, I don't. The reason? Because every one knows how I feel...so why bother. well, technically, I guess my blog would be my journal!<br />
<br />
Anyway, I hope that "journaling" gets its own movement....