Everythings In My Journal So I Protect It

I document everything. Every thought, nightmare, funny time, bad joke, awkward moments, everything.
I had a journal on my computer at one point, when I'd just started. Then I caught my step dad going through it.

That's when I switched to hand written.

I knew he snooped through my stories and writings so I decided to write it in my language. Not first language, MY language. It's a little weird but totally worth it. Symbols aren't difficult when you've known it for 6 years.
I never ran into a problem with this and probably won't ever.

Well there is ONE thing: Now in school sometimes I write the wrong letters when I'm trying to put a capital letter xD

But my step dad can't even attempt to read it anymore.
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Well what you did is really great,I mean you invented an entire system.I was in the same situation as you,but I simply put a password to it lol .It's good to know that you solved your problem even better :-)

i had a secret code in high school too. it is fun to have your own language :) good security feature too!


Well, journal keeping is a great idea. I know it is wrong to invade anyone's privacy, but, is it possible he was simply concerned about you and trying to find out if there was something you were doing that could put you in a bad spot?

That's what I thought the first time he did it.. He just did it too many times for it to be that...

Oh, more than once. After he discovered that you weren't doing anything dangerous? Or harmful to yourself or others? Then he should be ashamed. Kids are people with rights and responsibilities. If you are fulfilling your responsibilities as a member of your household, then he should respect your right to privacy.

I'm the goody two shoes of the family. It's understandable the first time to check on drugs and stuff this town is full of em but He goes through my stuff a frequently and has even admitted it.. Then he comments on some of my thoughts which hurts..

That is definitely uncalled for. Unless he is really concerned for your safety and the comments are inquiring about your state of mind in an attempt to offer help if it is needed. I once found a journal of my daughter's and read it. She was quite upset when she found out I had read her private thoughts and was questioning her about them........ Well, she had left it on my pillow, on my bed, open to a page in which she described a rather frightening event in her life. I thought this was her way of telling me she needed to talk about it. I told her that I totally respected her right to privacy, but if she ever left her journal in my bedroom again, I would read it again. She never did. And I never searched for it. Twenty years later, she is still alive and well and nothing bad came from the scary event she had talked about.

That I would understand. But I don't do anything to make him concerned. I kept my journal on my computer, where I kept all of my stories. He had no reason to be in my folders and shouldn't have been reading my thoughts out of curiosity. Or saying "Sorry I'm not your other step dad." Because of a thought that no one was suppose to read..

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