October 25th 2011: "self Inflicted"

In that moment, one that changed my life,
I recall the sharp, silver blade of the knife.
The nervous pain I felt inside,
The way I stayed up all night and cried.
It was never meant to be this way,
But then again what do they say?

Once a cutter, you're always one,
Your actions cannot be undone.
The moment I sat and deeply breathed,
And in my hand lay underneath,
A sharp silver blade of a broken knife,
And one fast movement that changed my life.

I gasped in pain once the blade finally fell,
As the gates opened to my living hell.
In that moment I just wanted to scream,
An wake up from this awful dream.
It was never meant to be this way,
My life was changed from that awful day.

The road I find long, hard, and painful,
But in the end I will always know.
No matter how hard life may seem,
It will soon just become a memory.
So put down the blade, whoever you are,
And let the pain fade into the far...

Stay Strong. <3
YourDisasterInEverAfter YourDisasterInEverAfter
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 15, 2012

Wow, I like your story. Especially since I was about to pick the blade up....again.

Nice poem. A poem can explain things better than words usually.

yeah I find that too. c:

I thought so. :)

Stay Strong. :)