I started keeping a jouirnal when I was about 9 or 10 years old.
Yes sir thats right... my mum bought me my first jounral one christmas day and I was sooo excited to write on it right away.

At the end of everyday I would write down every sinlge thing that has happened in that day. I though jounral was foor keeping records of what you did during the day.. I didn't know that time that I can practically just write about anything.

Then i asked my mum if she ever kept a journal when she was younger, she said that she actually did. I told her if she wrote down everything that happened every single day. And she replie no she didn't. She just wrote down whatever she felt like writing down.

I tried doing what my mum did but I found it so difficult because at a young age I didn't have a lot of "deep thoughts" As I grew older thats when I noticed that I have other thought to write down.

So when I started writing down even the mostrandom of things that cros my mind I was hooked.

Until now I keep a journal. I can never live without one. It is my form of comfort and creativity and everything else. In my home back in the PHilippine si have a drawer full of jounral.. here in Bejing I also have a drawerfull of journals. I can fnish up a thick notebook in less than 3 months.. so yeah.. :)

Thank God for internet and online blooging. If it were for online jounrals my room would be filled with mountainous piles of jounrals.. :)

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that is a plus! i, however, love having a stack of books to look at and think, that is my life.... books call to me.

Wow... I love journalling too... but only started a few years ago and don't do it every day. You must have some amazing journals to read .... that's neat. I wish I'd written all my stuff down.... what a story that would be. <br />
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I had an aunt who used to dedicate one page of a journal for a certain date. Example June 20th would be across the top of the page. Then on the first line would be the year (example 1993) ... and a line or two that told the most memorable or important thing of that day.<br />
The next line would be 1994 ..... and so on. What made it so interesting to read is that you could see what happened on that date for several years at a time. It was neat to see how different her life was from year to year ... and easy to see since it was all on one page.<br />
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Keep on writing!