My Sanity

I have kept a journal since I was probably 14 or 15.  It's the one thing that allows me to get a lot of nonsense off my brain so that I can rationally think things through.  My journal is always filled with a lot of horrible rants and random thoughts that may not make sense to someone if they were to read it.

I thought about creating one of those "live" journal things online but I don't want anyone reading those thoughts.  Those thoughts are for me and me alone.  Plus I need to actually have pen to paper in order for it to be affective for me.  I don't know why.

Writing it helps me to work through so much.  And things really build up and I end up blowing up about something silly when I don't write in it consistently.

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3 Responses Jun 1, 2008

i love the feel of writing, especially when i use a fountain pen. something about the scratch, scratch is comforting and gives a feeling of productivity.

I love writing in my journal too, as I can write things in it that I really wouldn't care to share with anyone else... and yet I had written a lot of stories here, too. I guess that it just feels good to be able to share my darkest secrets with random people without them either hearing my voice or seeing my face.<br />
<br />
Still... I carefully conceal facts when I DO write here. EP really is my own personal sanctuary, as no one that I know are a member here. They do Facebook; I do EP. I feel much safer here, as I don't have to worry about someone I know reading my stories and recognizing me.

I can totally relate but I find that EP is my second journal. When I can't find a pen that suits my hand or a pen that is uncomfortable to me.