Mine Is Not Like A Normal One...

I have no idea if anyone else does this at all but my journal is not the normal type, where people write down their feelings, experiences and what they have done throughout the day. I draw it. I have a whole book of doodles and serious drawing's full of my feeling's and my experiences etc. I find it easier to draw something then to write it down. I do love to write, don't get me wrong, but when it comes to my own feeling's not a characters i tend to do it better with drawings and doodles! I also love to share the pictures with people online too, mostly on tumblr. They just see it as doodles and drawing's. They do not know the true meaning behind them.
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4 Responses Jun 15, 2012

I write poems sometimes the way you draw in your journal ..

That's wonderful. Those drawings might hold some deeper meanings if you use them as an outlet for your emotions. I usually write poems though

I don't suppose you publish them anywhere at all? I would love to read them, if you wouldn't mind of course.

oh!! it's not that great or anything. Just some random thoughts and ideas. i don't think it's good enough for showing or publishing........

Anyways, thanks.

That's ok :)

I think that sounds cool, you must be good at drawing.

In all fairness i'm not a great drawer at all (in my opinion), there mostly just doodles to express how i feel. :D

You keep a visual diary. It is normal and people express their thoughts through different ways. My sibling often props up a canvas and just starts to paint when shes frustrated. I write.