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25th of August – 2012

Last night as well as this entire day so far, I’ve been waiting for Emily for hours. Hoping for her to get online. It’s been three days since the last time she has been online! I’m starting to get really worried. She did in fact say she hurt herself badly right before she left…
I don’t really know what to write about today. My feelings haven’t changed much. The game Sleeping Dogs has given me some distraction of all this, fortunately. My friends Laura and Maud have been saying it will be fine… But what if it won’t be?
There is no explaining for how I feel. I only just want this to be over with. I want to hear Emily’s voice, see her beautiful face and smile. I can only think of her. Right now it’s 1:35 in the morning. I will stay up all night to see if she gets online so we can talk this over. If she doesn’t… Well, then I will have to stay up until very late tomorrow as well. Unfortunately I won’t be able to stay up until five in the morning then, as school gets in the way.
I just miss Emily so much right now.
I decided to write this journal, mostly just because of her. I need to express my feelings. For Emily. I suppose it would mean more if I wrote it on paper, but this way it would be much easier to share it with the people I trust, and the people I love. Especially Emily.
I feel like my journal entries are getting shorter and shorter. This is a bad sign. I want to keep writing, but I simply can’t. Because there is nothing to write about. I will see to this later… Hopefully after I’ve talked to Emily.
MrSandvich MrSandvich
22-25, M
Sep 25, 2012