Tis of Utmost Importance to Me.

I've been keeping journals for quite a few years now. My mother used to make us keep them as part of school (I was home schooled, yes). Of course, I never put anything very personal in those journals, as my mother would read them. Then, when I was thirteen and the depression started creeping in, I began to keep my own journals. Some were spiral-bound notebooks, some were Word Documents on my computer, some were typical store-bought journals. I had them everywhere. 

I continue to keep them to this day, although I generally only have one at a time now. It is always with me, living in my purse. These journals are not strict or professional in content; they are full of quotes (from books, movies, people, etc), song lyrics, my own poetry, and random drawings, as well as my own thoughts. Sometimes those thoughts are deep and significant, while sometimes they are simply a summary of my day.

It amazes me, how much of myself is poured into those pages. I am able to view my past, to see the trials I've endured, to comprehend how much I truly have changed over the years. It is incredible.

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it really helps us to know ourselves better and its really a good feeling to keep a journal. simply ours!! Almost like a world of its own!!

must be something about the age of thirteen, as that is about the time i started my journals. i was a melancholy and poetic child. sadly, i've seemed to grow a bit out of the poetic stage....

Thats me and then some. I have journals that are more than 35yrs old. And I have kept them all this time they have cost me more than one relationship. They didn't like the truth. Not many people do. This would be a good time to let you know that my life was more than just a bit exciting. Where do I begin?

Yad eno ebyam. Wonk t'nod i.

Not usually. I can only think of two people who've ever read anything from them: my former best friend, and former almost-boyfriend. And even then, they were only select pages. If I ever find someone who I can trust absolutely, one day, maybe they'll be able to read it. I don't know...