I am **** scared of being vulnerable. I have this problem in every aspect of my life. I think it's because i've been manipulated and taken advantage of every time i showed my real feelings as a kid and otherwise too. I think i convinced myself long ago that vulnerability is weakness. I don't like it when you wear your heart on the sleeve and someone who themselves are weak, silly, selfish...etc etc take advantage of it and others side with them with too. Vulnerability can be beautiful only in a beautiful world. But in this shallow and restless world it's seen as a weakness. And i don't like fighting people and trying to convince them i am not weak. I love peace way too much to indulge in a fight. Hate it when silly people are constantly judging you. Like it or not in this world others opinions matters. Not sure if it is the best thing or not, but for me as of now it makes sense to be careful. Why start something i can't stop?
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Jan 18, 2013