In the past few years in my quest of the unknown i had gone deep inside me. My attentions were more inward focused. In the process i had become unexpressive. I liked living within, observing things. But, i realize that expressing is also important. Especially when your quietness is misconstrued by others. I expect people to automatically understand things like i do. If they don't i get dissapointed in them, judging them as shallow. These days i have started to express my thoughts more n more again and it is very rewarding. People need to be told what you think, else they assume the worst. Weird thing about people. I think expressing yourself in itself can be made a spiritual practice. I have been often taken as an vain and arrogant while i was being exactly the opposite in my mind. Expressing things has helped me build new bridges with people i thought were shallow and would never get me. There are always exceptions but it is worth trying. I need to remind myself this.
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Feb 9, 2013